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A Simple Guide To Network Infrastructure

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A Simple Guide To Network Infrastructure


By Data Installations & Supplies ltd

If you work in IT, you’ll understand how important it is to have an effective network infrastructure in place. In our modern age, it’s never been more vital to have ease of communication and good connectivity between customers and employees. This is especially true for businesses that rely on the internet to carry out their operations.

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How Does A Network Function?

A network installation is essentially a combination of various hardware equipment and software, which makes up the whole system. As already mentioned, it helps businesses who require a good infrastructure for connecting to employees as well as customers. In most instances, companies do need some degree of telecoms installed such as phone line access, along with computer and internet access. To do this, companies need an efficient network cabling design, paired with routers and other hardware so the cabling works how it should.

Not only does this technology require multiple devices and resources for it to operate well, but it does need flawless network security to prevent cybersecurity threats. The online world presents many malicious threats, which is why it’s paramount to include firewalls, access control and application security to ensure no physical or digital threat can infiltrate a business’ network system.

What Does My Business Need For Successful Network Infrastructure?

There are many components for creating the most reliable and long lasting network infrastructure, and some of these include:

  • Routers
  • Cabling
  • Switches
  • Security
  • Wireless LAN
  • Software
  • Devices


Routers are an essential factor for networks, as they help to direct everything smoothly such as when communicating and when sending data. In the most basic terms, they make sure bits of information end up in the right place, to keep the flow of data going to the required destinations.


Cabling is the biggest and most important connector for network systems, as it allows for data to circulate through the entire network. Depending on a business’ budget as well as their requirements for an installation, a variety of cabling is available for different instances. To suit a business’ individual needs, copper data and fibre optic cabling are a couple of options. If a business experiences growth with the need of more resources and devices, and they have an efficient cabling system in place, this process can seamlessly be achieved.

What’s more, telecoms and firewall security can easily be integrated with one another when fitting a wiring system. This is particularly beneficial for companies who can’t experience too much downtime, as only one installation is required for both aspects. Bearing in mind the company size, the wiring design is scalable in nearly every instance no matter how large or small the building or buildings.


Similar to routers, switches are a provisional piece of equipment which aid in creating the entire network. The switches when installed allow connection between all kinds of devices, which creates a productive communication system. It’s important to source the right switches for your installation, so make sure to find all the guidance you need for this matter as the type used can change, factoring in circumstance.


Security within network infrastructure simply cannot be missed. To cover a company’s data store, sensitive information and communication, a firewall is fitted. A firewall supports in monitoring the whole system, keeping out threats and securing against the invasion of malware. This makes it an obvious thing to include in the system, so as a business make sure you have the right protection for your operations.

Wireless LAN & Software

Connecting all the hardware and technology requires a wireless LAN in the process, especially if a company wants to become more streamline in their connections. Paired with this, a suitable software installation is recommended so the devices work as requested by a company. There are many types of operating packages available, so there is one suitable for a multitude of businesses.


Computers and other bits of tech are the most essential area for a network infrastructure to work for a company and its operations. If computers and phones, for example, are outdated this can seriously hinder the functioning of the overall system. Due to this, the choice of technology should not be compromised, as it can make or break a business’ day to day productivity. This also should cover servers and cloud based systems, so it’s important to invest in the most recent technological advancements when determining a company’s requirements.

Key Takeaways

The importance of having a network that works for your company’s operations is paramount to work effectively in the modern age. If you require an updated network infrastructure that’s tailored to your specific needs as a business, please get in touch with us today.