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8 Services to Help Prepare for GDPR

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8 Services to Help Prepare for GDPR


By Data Installations & Supplies ltd

With the pending GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) in May, it is essential that your business has plans in place now to ensure you are prepared. In general, GDPR requires a thorough review of the way you manage data protection and governance. One requirement you should review is your business’ ability to detect, report and investigate a personal data breach.

Waiting until the last minute could be very risky, especially for larger organisations. Don’t get caught out – DIS can help you prepare for GDPR through these 8 services:

GDPR Network Security Solutions

Efficient cyber security risk management is a big part of GDPR. We have a number of network security services available that can help you evaluate risks to your network:

Network Penetration Testing

How secure are you, anyway? Network Penetration Tests identify vulnerabilities in networks, systems, host and network devices before hackers can exploit them. By undergoing testing, you can

  • Identify and correct security flaws in your environment
    Understand the real level of risk in your organisation
    Receive reports and guidance to help solve any issues discovered

You can’t fully ensure that your data is secure without fully assessing vulnerabilities in your system. For a limited time, you can book in for Network Penetration Testing at a massively discounted rate. Contact us for more info.

Threat Detect Services

Ever wished you could have a team of experts and ethical hackers monitoring your business 24/7? Make it a reality with Threat Detect services. With a fully managed security solution, you will receive immediate awareness and response to any threat to your business. Services include SIEM (Security Incident and Event Management) technology, along with intrusion detection, vulnerability management services, application penetration testing and external vulnerability testing. Guarantee safety with a cost-effective solution that will help ensure GDPR compliance.

Antivirus deployment

Implementing a data protection strategy that includes encryption and anti-malware security is absolutely vital. Therefore we can install top-of-the-line antivirus software to protect your data from the top causes of data loss, such as malware and ransomware. Even further, stop peripheral and internal threats through measures like automated encryption.

LAN/WAN Audits

Ensure devices are current and secure with LAN/WAN audits. Our expert engineers will assess common risks, threats, and vulnerabilities found in the LAN-to-WAN domain, identify network and security policies needed to properly secure the network, and assess implementation of security controls.


Colocating your servers and other hardware allows you to benefit from an ISO27001 accredited, highly secure and robust environment without the unpredictable escalating costs of building or upgrading your own on-premise infrastructure. It also ensures a well-run, resilient environment backed up by strict SLAs for performance and availability.


GDPR Physical Security Solutions

Although it’s crucial that your data is secure from potential cyber threats, it’s not sufficient to thoroughly protect data at your organisation. In order to guarantee compliance with GDPR, you should also take a hard look at the physical security measures your organisation has in place. Remember, a firewall won’t stop an intruder!

We have a multitude of leading security solutions available to protect your data:


We can install a network-based IP CCTV system using leading manufacturers Axis and SeeTec. Surveillance isn’t only necessary to keep an eye on your business. In addition, many people forget that CCTV is another source of personal data that must be protected under the rules and regulations of GDPR. The systems we install are by nature highly secure, but we can work with you to ensure compliance with the finer details regarding CCTV. From password protection to encryption, we offer security at all levels.

Video Analytics

Video analytics is another tool that can help you understand patterns in behaviour to identify potential threats and prevent unauthorised access to personal data. Better analytics will also help you make the most of your IP CCTV system, giving you more reliable and easily interpreted data which additionally improves response time and effectiveness.

Access Control

Finally, DIS offers a variety of access control options. Access control isn’t just about keeping people out, it’s also about keeping track of who’s inside. IBM has found that 55% of cyber-attacks originated with an insider at an organization. It’s therefore vital to the protection of data and your business that you manage levels of access. Access control allows you to keep personal data from falling into the hands of unauthorised users, protecting against opportunistic theft and malicious damage. Access can also be granted or denied based on time or space, for a flexible and cost-effective solution.


Organisations that suffer data breaches and fail to comply with regulations could face fines of up to 20 million euros or 4% of global turnover. Don’t delay action because you don’t know what to do, and don’t panic! DIS can help ensure your data is secure, and that your business is on the path to GDPR compliance.